On using the wrong end of the stick ……

From the People for Dogs Facebook Group

The Municipality of Shelburne had their dog by-law meeting this evening. All councillors voted to accept the amended dog by-law WITHOUT including anti-tethering as per the request of local residents and PET Projects, a local animal rescue/partnering group. The analysis stated that rescues try and “humanize” dogs and call them “their baby.” What does this have to do with trying to get anti-tethering laws to help permanently chained dogs? They made reference to the NS SPCAs Standards of Care…which from my understanding isn’t enforceable

One of the things I loved best about my salty Cape Breton coal mining grandfather was the clever way his cute expressions used humour to make a serious point!   Like many card carrying miners of his age, Grampy had a limited tolerance for the type of officialspeak that could gloss over the most inhumane offenses, eh?

If he was still here … if he had been able to attend last night’s meeting, he would have been quick to ask the councillors to ‘shake their heads to see if anything rattled’, eh?

Opposition to anti tethering legislation has always been long on ridicule and short on confronting the actual issue.    It is the worst kind of political pandering  …. particularly in a rural municipality on the eve of a municipal election .. to suggest that anti tethering has anything to do with ‘humanizing’ pets!

Are politicians terrified of pissing off voters?  You bet!   At the end of the day they never, ever forget that the voters that ‘hired them’ also have the power to fire them!

Sadly, our collective voting consciousness is seldom a force to be reckoned with.   It is one of life’s sorriest ironies that a country which asks its own soldiers to risk life and limb to establish and protect voting rights elsewhere has such a pathetic voter turnout record at home!

In rural ridings where chained dogs have been the status quo for so long, can we blame politicians for dodging the issue?   You bet!

Why?   Because of course they deliberately misrepresent a public safety issue as an irrelevant bit of fluff!    Opponents to Women’s Lib used to do exactly the same thing when I was a young woman … and I lost count of the number of times bosses tried to pigeon-hole us by implying that real women had bigger fish to fry than feminism, eh?

This is not the first .. nor will it be the last time  … that elected officials underestimate the temper of public sentiment on an issue.   Could Brian Mulroney have possibly imagined that the GST would cause the end of the universe for conservative for well over a decade?    Did our former fiddling Premier even once consider what an impact suggesting that we all take the bus would have on the next election results?  ( The sticky subject of how the NDP bobsled team has applied an interesting new math to make a couple of thousand silk shipyard jobs out of an actual few hundred ‘sows ears’ is a tricky topic for a blog with a different focus than this one, eh? )

Last night, the Shelburne Council had an opportunity to create the safest community for children in the province!   What does that mean in realspeak?

Why of course that once again elected officials have chosen to sweep the real issue under rug in the hopes that local voters would be more concerned about watching Hawaii Five O instead of the council minutes!

What time is it?  It is time to remember that the real motive behind Anti Tethering Legislation is to humanize our own selves!

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