A preview of a coming attraction!

I love holiday traditions!    Others may choose to rummage around for new and unique menus every year … but in this house, Thanksgiving dinner is a well choreographed dance!

Why?   Have I lost my zest for experimenting?   Is supper never a science project anymore?   Of course not!   It is simply that experience has taught me that sticking to a tried and true menu is the  surest path to a stress free holiday.

Mind you, at some point in time all traditions started as a simple good idea!   Over the years, my Mother’s original menu has been gently tweaked!   From cranberry sauce sweetened with honey to parchment wrapped turkeys cooked upside down,  I have gradually put my own stamp  on the meal!

There is one tradition that I am very happy to see is taking hold … and that of course is the Meow Mover cat adoption event!    The next one is scheduled for November 3rd ( see poster below for details)

Why is that such a great thing?   Cannot people adopt cats at satellite adoption centers in local pet stores? ( the sorry subject of how one branch of the society has gone for weeks at a time without bringing cats to their local Pet Valu is very testy topic that will get a post of its own one of these days ….sigh)

Cannot kind hearts browse through Petfinder to find their new pal?    Do the rescues and shelters not have websites that potential adopters can visit?

Of course they do!   At the end of the day though, nobody can ‘sell’ a cat quite like their own appealing selves!   Even better, because cats do not bark, there is a more ‘zen’ atmosphere that encourages visitors to take time to really meet the adorable adoptables!

Best of all of course is that instead of being a one hit wonder, recurring events that are advertised well in advance can really cat(ch) the attention of those who have never been to a shelter or rescue!

What time is it?   Even if you personally are ‘full up’, it is time to mark your calendar for November 4th!   It is a great way to support the hard-working local cat rescues!   It is always a fun opportunity to find a bargain!   And of course the best bit is that everytime anyone spreads the word about this event, they are creating the possibility than another kind heart will make pet adoption part of their own traditions!

Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions   Albert Einstein

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