Its Adoption Month at HART!

Edward and Gary

I love October here in the Valley!  What’s not to love?   The breathtakingly beautiful fall colors?   All the adorable harvest and pumpkin people decorations?   Or perhaps it is the blessing of having such a bountiful selection of locally grown produce at farmers’ markets and wayside stands!

This year … October has an additional bonus to offer here!  It is Adoption Month at HART!   What does that mean in realspeak?   Why of course that kind hearts looking for a kitten or a cat can also cash in on the incredible savings of this promotion ( see poster below for details)

It is really no secret at all that I love to see cat adoption events and incentives!  In a world where waiting lists can create a myriad of Unhappy Tails … aggressive adoption tactics are the only way to undercut the seeming simplicity of the ‘free to a good home’s!

Lets face it … space in any shelter is like a vacuum!    When the need is so great … when the problem continues to go unaddressed …. even the biggest shelter will fill up fast!   Even worse, without any incentives or publicity, cats tend as rule to ‘sit on the shelf’ a lot longer than dogs!

Saddest of all of course is that it simply is not realistic to expect the ninety something percent of potential pet owners to wake up one morning and decide to adopt a pet !  These folks generally lead full and complete lives without ever thinking about animal welfare issues or even visiting a rescue website!

How do I know that?   Well … the homeless pet site gets a whopping seven thousand visitors as a daily average!   That sounds pretty darned impressive until one remembers that there are over 350,000 households in this province, eh?     In realspeak … on a good day … assuming all the site visitors are NS residents (which they are not) …. only two, perhaps three percent of NS households are even looking at the site.

Does that mean that I think the homeless pet site is irrelevant?   Of course not!   It has a role to play … but it is simply not the be all and end all, eh?

At the end of the day, the virtual world can be helpful, but people actually live in the real world.    Each and every adorable adoptable is an actual ambassador for pet adoption!   Even better, each and every adoption is like a stone tossed in a pond …. with the word of mouth rippling out through the adopter’s family, friends, neighbours and coworkers!

Best of all, ever adoption incentive recognizes what big box stores have always known … the most effective way to capture the market is to let low price tags catch the initial attention!

What time is it?   It is always time to understand that there is no downside to adoption incentives.   Adoption fees are never going to recover all the adoption costs!   It is the only way to compete with the free online ads!

In other words … it is time to remember that every adopted cat becomes part of the solution instead of contributing to the problem!

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