Have you asked your municipal candidate where they stand on the cat issue?

I love harvesting pumpkins!    What’s not to love?   While they are waiting to be processed they make such cheerful decorations!    Even better, there are few plants that will yield as much food value per plant as even a mid-sized pumpkin!  Best of all of course is, that the seeds are so easy to save that there is never any need to budget for next years garden.

Truth be told, if I was so inclined, each pumpkin would provide  enough seed to fill every big bed on my property next year!

This morning, the society issued a press release about the 800 cats that are on wait lists at their branches around the province.   Is this new information for anyone in the rescue community?   Of course not!    Cats have the potential to multiply faster than anything in the pumpkin patch!

Wait lists are nothing new!  Even worse, everyone I know in the rescue community has noticed that the number of surrenders seem to be spiralling up this year!   Saddest of all of course is that when there is no ‘room at the inn’, a myriad of other Unhappy Tails follow suit!

But wait just a minute here …. shouldn’t wait lists be down?   What about the satellite adoption center partnerships with pet stores?   Aren’t adoption numbers up for cats?   Hasn’t the hard work involved in setting up the Meow Mover Adoption events paid off?

And … as we speak … hasn’t the Tuxedo Party campaign been helping to raise public consciousness about the plight of homeless cats in this province?

Lets face it … the plain unvarnished truth is that it is going to take a LOT more than a few hundred spay neuters!   That even a couple of thousand cat adoptions are only a chip at the tip of the iceberg!

Each and every time that there is no room is no room at the inn for a cat, the odds that the problem will escalate, in spite of all best efforts!   (The sorry subject of how some branches are still waiting for the adopters to come to them is a testy topic that will get a post of its own here very soon! )

After all … as long as someone does not have any scruples .. it is always easier to abandon a cat.    It is hard to imagine anyone taping a grown dog in a box!  Its tougher to move out and leave a dog behind unnoticed!   Nor would a dog running at large be ignored for very long, eh?

The plain simple fact is this is just  too big a problem for non profits to tackle on their own!      Why hasn’t it happened?   When the solution would involve less outlay than has been squandered on short-lived job subsidies, why do our politicians still dither on the subject?

The answer is simple!   Without strong voter feedback, no politician at any level has any motivation to address this problem!   Cats cannot vote!     Most Animal Control mandates do not even include cats!

If you care about cats, you are already an advocate!    If you are reading this blog …. odds are you have already adopted at least one cat!

What time is it?   It is always time to remember that the way ahead for the cats will only ever be paved by strong voter feedback!  It is now October,  which in realspeak means that the municipal elections in this province are less than three weeks away!

Just imagine the pawsiblities …. if every single person of voting age who owns a cat in this province were to show up on Oct 20th and vote for the ‘cat friendly’ candidate in their district!

Bad officials are elected by good citizens who do not vote.  George Jean Nathan

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