Urgent!!! Foster space needed to save three little dogs!

I love my little Rascal!  What’s not to love?   He is friendly and affectionate!    Even though he is losing his vision, Rascal remains an incurable optimist who is always eager for the next adventure!   Best of all of course is that he is really such a clever little character!

When Rascal wants anything, being the second smallest dog in the house is never any obstacle!   If  someone has commandeered his favourite spot/ dog bed/ etc , Rascal runs to the door barking!    When the rest jump up to join suit, he runs back behind them to scoop up the spot or thing that he wanted!

Each and every day, my life is richer for  having the pleasure of his company!   Each and every day I cannot imagine a life that does not include his happy little self!

Each and every day, we get to share this joy because ASDR was able to find a foster when Rascal needed to be rescued.   There was no time to dilly dally when his owner passed away ..,, he needed a safe spot right then, eh?

In other words … each and every day lives are saved because kind hearts step up and say “Yes … I can foster this dog!”

This morning, if ARC can find a foster or two, there are three small dogs that can be saved.  They are from two different situations.   Oscar is pictured above!  Jake and Jasper are pictured below!

Oscar is three.   He loves children and other dogs … but what he does not love is being left home all day by himself!   Oscar has little to no recall off leash, so he will need to be leashed to stay safe.  Oscar is neutered, if inquiring minds need to know!

Jake is four.  He is playful and affectionate and is even crate trained.   Jake is also  neutered!

Jasper is three.    He is a great couch potatoe but is more mellow than playful.   Jasper is not neutered !

If you have enough room in your home and your heart to offer any of these good dogs a safe berth, please contact Annette at ARC !

What time is it?   It is always time to remember that fostering is always the easiest way anyone can ever save a  life!   The rescues take care of all the costs and the fosters only need to add the love!



I’ve seen and met angels wearing the disguise of ordinary people living ordinary
lives.  ~Tracy Chapman


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