When you want love to be good for life …..

I love making my first pot of pumpkin stew for the season!   What’s not to love?   It is one of my very favourite feel good foods!   Even better, the whole house … and even the yard … smells wonderful while it is simmering away!   Best of all of course is that it is yummy enough to put paid to the notion that heart smart and healthy somehow misses the boat on good taste!

In spite of the summer, the pumpkins have done well enough here that there will be an ample supply for my favourite fall treats.   Does that mean that I have never bought pumpkin for cooking?   Of course not!    Before I retired and was able to have The Garden of My Dreams, I often had to take the easy road through the local farmers markets and produce sections!

Lets face it … in this busy workaday world … quite often folks do not even have time to shop for the best bargain, let alone grow their own food.   When there are only so many hours in a day, it really is only sensible to take the easiest and simplest road that one can afford, eh?

Does that work for everything in life?   Of course not!   Parents still need to be concerned WHERE toys and clothes are manufactured!    The Rule of Three (estimates that is) should definitely apply to all large ticket items!   If we want something to last for five years, common sense dictates doing a little legwork before signing on the dotted line!

Funny how folks can so easily overlook that when choosing a family pet!    Unless one is buying the purebred progeny of the current Canadian Grand Champion, most folks will spend more on their next computer than they will on their pet.   Not even the overpriced puppy peddlers on Kijij  charge more than the latest iPhone or iPad!

Lets face it … when we open our homes and our hearts to a pet, the choice is seldom made with a calculator!    Choosing a living, breathing sentient being who will have his or her own personality is never as simple as that!    To make matters worse, many of the ‘good homes’ (who commit for life) will only choose a handful of pets in their entire life cycle!

What does that mean in realspeak?  Why of course that no one really has much practical experience in choosing a pet, eh?  We often lead with our hearts instead of our heads to pick a pal who could easily be with us for fifteen or twenty years!

For my money, that is the very best argument that I can possibly think for adopting from a reputable rescue!    Why do I say that?   To begin with, the application process is designed to help adopters find the right match!

Even better,  reputable rescues and shelters do not simply run pets in and out through a revolving door … taking them in one day and adopting them out the next.    Most of the “good guys/ gals” have an evaluation period before making the pets available for adoption!

Why?   So that things will be a success the first time of course!  So that their liability insurance will still cover them if something happens after the adoption!   So that inexperienced adopters are not heartbroken when difficulties arise that they never should have been expected to handle!

In other words, after all the love and energy and yes … money .. that reputable rescuers invest in each pet, they really only want to ensure that every adoption will become a Forever Home”

It really is frosting on the cake that the reputable rescues would never, ever, ever adopt out a pet that was not vet checked, vaccinated and altered!     In many cases, the adoption fee only represents a fraction of the actual costs invested in the pet, eh?

As a sidebar to this,  sadly there are wolves out there in rescue sheep’s clothing … looking to cash in on the growing popularity of pet adoption!   How can one tell?      Click here for a few helpful hints!

What time is it?   It is always time to remember that the real value of adopting from a reputable rescue is greater than the total financial savings found in the adoption fees!    When one is opening one’s home and one’s heart to a living breathing sentient being, the protection and security offered by the ‘matchmaking’ process is priceless!

Luck runs out but safety is good for life.    Author Unknown

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