Something to Really Celebrate!

I making preserves!  What’s not to love?   The house smells so yummy while they are simmering away!   Even better in these days of spiralling food costs is the security of such a well stocked pantry!   Best of all of course is that should I live to be a hundred, there will still always be new and fun recipes to try!

No doubt about it, at some point in time every tried and true favourite thing started as someone’s science project!   When we are unwilling or unable to try something new, we can miss the boat on the very best treats, eh?

The “raspberry jam” recipe  that is actually a fooler full of beets flavoured with raspberry jello definitely looks like it will be a keeper!  Ditto with the zucchini marmalade that made its debut this year!    In much the same way, the ‘peachini’ recipe my librarian gave me will soon be an ‘old’ favourite too!   All are so good that it really is just frosting on the cake that they all do double duty by using up the more bountiful bits in the garden!

Surprises really are the spice of life, eh?    This time last year, even my most optimistic self could not possibly have imagined that we were on the brink of seeing such change at the Cape Breton SPCA!

It was not an easy journey!   The dismissed shelter manager and the disbanded board did not go ‘quietly into the night’!   Fingers had to legally be pried off the door frames!    Every effort was made to discredit the society’s actions!    When the society finally did win their interim junction to regain control of their own shelter, the legendary bank account they were supposedly seeking had mysteriously vanished!

What happened then?  Why the same thing that has happened each and every time that a high kill shelter has been swept clean!   The local community was eager to embrace pawsitive change!

Local business and individuals were unstinting in their generous support to provide the practical assistance needed to make the most urgent of the needed renovations!  In a very short period of time, the shelter was brought up to a more acceptable standard so that the new board and manager could get on with the business of saving lives!

Even the nail-biting suspense over the controversial Animal Control Contract seems to have been finally…. after all this time …. settled!

Does that mean that the party is over?  That the Cape Breton SPCA does not need any support from the community?  Of course not!   Volunteers are the life blood of any non-profit shelter!   As useful as the AC Contract is, it only supports and does not actually sustain the shelter’s work!

This Sunday, the Cape Breton SPCA is holding what is really their first Bark in the Park as a No Kill Shelter!   (see poster below for details)    What a wonderful opportunity for the animal loving community to have such a fun day!  There will be Agility, Rally and Obedience demonstrations!   A chance to Ask A Vet!   Kids activities!  A BBQ!   And oodles of fabulous prizes to be won!

And … unlike the mysterious bank account that may never, ever be found … all proceeds for this event will go directly to help the animals in Cape Breton, like Dixie    (pictured above) !   Now THAT is something to REALLY celebrate!

What time is it?   It is always time to support a shelter when such pawsitive changes have been made!   PS … if one is in the city, it could also be time to go to the Bark in the Park for the awesome Provincial Shelter on Saturday, the 15th too!

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