The Halifax Reptile Expo 2012 !!!

I have always had a soft spot for Ssafe Haven Rescue for Reptiles and Amphibians!   Does that mean that I am planning on broadening my cat and dog mother horizons?   Not that there would be anything wrong with that .. .but no!

Simply stated, I believe that we are very lucky in this province to have such a great educational and rescue resource!   Reptile and amphibian lovers seldom had the chance to learn proper (as Denise refers to it) husbandry skills at home.  What does that mean in realspeak?  Why of course that the support and hands on training offered by Ssafe Haven is invaluable for new pet owners!

Ssafe Haven led the way with what is still the most creative and informative Petfinder page in this province.   Good use has been made of media opportunities to educate the public about responsible pet ownership.

But for my money, the coolest project on their plate is their now well established Annual Reptile Expo.    As a matter of fact, the event is doing so well that it is beginning to outgrow its original venue and next year may need to find new digs!

In the rescue community, we talk a lot about the prejudices against feral cats.   About Breed Discrimination.  Yet we often overlook the ‘species’ discrimination that Ssafe Haven continually works to overcome.

Familiarity never breeds contempt … it is instead the mother of all understanding!   There really is no down side to this event!   Kids of all ages love reptiles and amphibians!    It is an indoor event that will be happening rain or shine!   Best of all,  it is a wonderful example of how a fun event with an affordable admission fee can catch public interest long enough to educate them!

What time is it?  This Sunday, Sept 9th, it is time to check out the 2012 Halifax Reptile Expo!

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