Its the Second Annual Rescue Dog Show!

Summer is already sliding away on us.   The sumacs lining the upper pond are already lightly brushed with red … geese are gathering in the grain fields further up the mountain … and sunset seems to be ever so much earlier every evening.

For anyone with children, the upcoming Labour Day weekend is the real tipping point for the summer season.   It won’t matter how lovely the weather is when daily routines start spinning around school days, eh?

Happily, there is now a lovely way to wrap up summer … that will not compete with  the back to school shopping lists every parent is trying to juggle.  For the second year in a row, Atlantic Small Dog Rescue will be hosting their Rescue Dog Show at the Windsor Arena!

What a great idea to locate the event in such a central location … so easily accessible to so much of the province!   How very sensible to keep the admission fee to a modest $2.00 for adults …with children under 12 free!    By doing so, the Second Annual Rescue Dog Show stands a much better chance of reaching out to all the kind-hearted pet owners who could be potential first time pet adopters!

Lets face it, anyone associated with the rescue community will always recognize the good value in steep admission fees for conferences with a full slate of well-respected expertise!    Sadly such events usually wind up ‘preaching to the choir’ instead of educating the rest of the public about the joys of responsible pet ownership.

That is why I really like the Rescue Dog Show!     Once again this year, they have other rescues and dog related businesses joining them!    There will be a parade of rescue dogs, a tiny dog fashion show and a wonderful BBQ will be held outside the arena during the event!

What a great opportunity for anyone thinking about adding a pet to the family to find out more about pet adoption!   Even better, events like these can connect kind hearts who want to help with real rescue people … and adorable adoptables like Kahlua (pictured above) …. who always need pet fosters!

Best of all, it is a nice way for people in the rescue community to connect with each other!   Networking is always easier when folks can put real faces to the names, eh?

What time is it?   If you are out and about this Sunday, it is time to pop into the Second Annual Rescue Dog Show!   You do not have to worry about the weather!  There is lots of parking!    Best of all, you might even learn something while having all that fun!

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