Never on a Sunday?

When one drives a twelve-year-old car … even one as reliable as my trusty little Accent that has only just this year tipped the 100,000 km point … now and then one is going to need to do a bit of maintenance.   The way I look at it, the odd trip to the garage is still much more affordable than a monthly car payment, eh?

So this week, I have booked an appointment to have a new timing belt put on.   Naturally as a middle aged grandmother, I called around for a couple of quotes before booking the appointment.     What was the tipping point?    Was the price?  Nope … because the places I called all have comparable shop hours!

The tipping point was the shop that could provide the service at a time that is convenient to me!  Anyone who lives in the country depends on their car … so  I do not want to wait a couple of weeks for something as critical as a timing belt, eh?

Convenience always carries the day for consumers!   It is the reason that we have Sunday shopping and evening hours for recreational classes.    People who lead busy lives are generally too busy during the working day for anything except their workaday routine!

Which of course was why I was so delighted to see shelters around the province providing more user-friendly hours for potential adopters a couple of years ago.    Lets face it, choosing a family pet is not the same as picking up a carton of milk.    It is an important decision that cannot possibly be squeezed in on the way home from work!

Even better, this easier access makes it easier for shelters to compete with the simplicity of simply buying a pet online.   After all,  the adorable adoptables are already ahead of the pack in ever so many other ways, eh?   The adoption fee, even for purebreds, never comes close to what the puppy peddlers charge!   Pretty much everyone is spaying or neutering their adoptables too … and in realspeak that represents another huge savings for adopters!

Best of all of course is that Sunday hours provide the opportunity adoptables to “hit the jackpot” with  working folks who can actually afford to care for their new pals!

So … well-earned kudos go to:

And the Booby Prize goes to:

What time is it?    It is time to wonder what happened to the easier access for adopters that we were supposed to see in ALL of the society’s branches.    Not to be mean, but it is a pretty poor show for any SPCA Branch to be outshone by a commercially contracted pound!

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