Some very Happy News ….

Does this handsome fellow look familiar?   He should … at least for any of the many kind hearts who regularly visit the homeless pet site!

This is Colby … and last year he had followed a well worn path from Homeward Bound City Pound to East Coast German Shepherd Rescue.    One would think that at that point, everything would be coming up roses for him, eh?

East Coast German Shepherd Rescue volunteers are experienced and dog savvy enough to ‘home school’ their foster dogs and provide real life assessments to help potential adopters find the ‘right fit’.   The rescue carefully screens all applications so that the best match may be made for each and every dog.

Yup …. the future was looking pretty darned bright for Colby … right up until the moment he was stolen!    Volunteers searched and scoured the city!   Every vet clinic was notified!    Best of all, through their ‘day jobs’, the rescuc is closely connected to both Animal Control and Homeward Bound City Pound … so of course they were well positioned for any news ‘on the streets’

People do not begin rescuing animals without having love and compassion.   Those that ‘stay in the game’ for any time at all give a little bit of their heart to each and every animal that they rescue.    It is just one of life’s lovelier little paradoxes that the more of their hearts that they give … the bigger those hearts seem to get 🙂

They never forgot Colby!   They never gave up hope!   They worried and grieved every day he was gone!

Then one day a miracle happened!   Colby was picked up running at large in HRM!    As a matter of fact … he was the star of the show at last weekend’s Cones for Canines Fundraiser!

This has been a busy week for East Coast German Shepherd Rescue.   Fundraisers like this take work to organize …. and the ‘payoff’ for that generates more work with adoption applications 🙂   Colby is available for adoption now, but it may be a day or two before his Petfinder listing is up 🙂

What time is it?   Snif’ … while it is always time to celebrate good news like this … it is also time to remember that the real happy ending will be when Colby has his own Happy Tail 🙂

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