A little cat(ch)ing up ….

I love Clive!   Like the unsinkable Molly Brown, he refused to be discouraged because my (then) older and crankier kitties did not roll out the welcome wagon when he arrived!   He is social and sweet … always available for a serious snuggle … and is the only one of my five cats who will consistently come when I call 🙂

Clive is also living proof that black cats can be very lucky!    Before he came here, Clive lived with his human in an old camping trailer in the woods … just a stones throw from at least one nesting pair of bald eagles.    It was a big adjustment for him to become an indoor only cat … but around here luck will only carry a cat so far, eh?

Cats really do get the rough end of the stick when their owners pass away / move / finish the term / cannot or will not afford a spay / or just generally lose interest for any one of half a hundred horrible reasons.

We  are so lucky here in NS to have a few kind-hearted committed Cat Rescues …. but without a properly funded Low or No Cost Spay Neuter Program,  even twice the number of rescues will only ever be bailing the boat with a teaspoon.

That is why I am always happy to see cat rescues working together in any capacity.   It did me good the other day to hear that  The LaBaie SPCA  has been working with Claire Feral Friends.      The branch has been helping with the Feral Friends’ kittens and friendly cats … and Feral Friends has been returning the favour with ferals.

As a sidebar note to that …. cat rescues are always in need of cat carriers and at the moment Claire Feral Friends is desperate for any spares that anyone might have.

It is why I am so delighted to see The Tuxedo Party (only partly) tongue in cheek campaign  for Tuxedo Stan for Mayor of HRM picking up steam.

And of course why I am over the moon to see that Second Chance Charity is not going to rest on its well deserved laurels!    This Saturday ( see poster below for details ) there will be another Meow Movers!

Even if one is not looking to adopt a cat … even if one is already ‘full up’ … it is great opportunity to support the HRM Cat Rescues in a fun and pawsitive way!

What time is it?   After years of nagging .. it is always time to applaud the lifesaving work that goes into the success of offsite adoption events!

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