Behind every poster girl ….

Does this beautiful dog look familiar?    She should!   Yvette has been the ‘poster girl’ on the header of the homeless pet site for months now!
Yvette has had a pretty eventful life for a young dog!   Some of her history is a mystery, but she came across my radar when she was rescued just in the nick of time from a high kill shelter in Quebec.   Thanks to kindhearted volunteer transporters, Yvette made her way to Nova Scotia, where she found a safe berth with Atlantic Small Dog Rescue!   (The timely topic of how the best rescues in this province never limit themselves to a restrictive mandate is a sweet subject that has … and will again … be discussed on other days here 🙂

One would think the Happy Tail would start there .. but actually the fun was just beginning.   As a reputable rescue, ASDR spays and neuters all their adoptables as soon as each pet is physically and mentally fit.   When they took Yvette in for her spay appointment,  it could not be done!   Why?   Was this little beauty sick?  Traumatized from her time in the shelter?

Nope!    This beautiful dog had become pregnant at the other shelter!    As a matter of fact, the puppies were days away from being due!

The short version of this story is that those precious puppies were all born safely and Yvette was a wonderful little mother!    All the lovely, healthy little ones were adopted months ago!   And all the time lovely Yvette has been waiting, her foster Mom has been ‘home schooling” her so that she can put her best paw forward in her new home 🙂

What time is it?    It is alway time to remember that behind every Poster Girl is a Beautiful Happy Tail just waiting to happen!   It only takes a click of your mouse to share Yvette’s Petfinder listing with this lovely video!  Who knows what wonderful things could come of that?

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