What are you doing on Thursday?

Is there anyone who does not love Pick of the Litter?   In the course of my work with the homeless pet site, I have never, ever heard even a whisper of negativity!

What a rare thing that is!   Lets face it … rescuers need to be strong-willed to ‘stay in the game’,  when the need is so great and the resources are never, ever enough.   Even the kindest of hearts can hit a point where it simply poses too much of a challenge to be polite to people anymore!

From one end of the province to the other, Pick of the Litter has quietly been working its life saving miracles for neo natal orphans!  Wee ones have arrived from SPCA shelters and rescues and even from individual kind hearts!  Even people who aren’t talking to each other all talk to Inge 🙂

Tomorrow night,  at Brewster’s Bar and Grill in Bedford, Pick of the Litter and Wild at Heart are holding a Live Auction !   ( see poster below for details)

What time is it?    It is always time to spread the word when summertime fun can do double duty by helping such a very good cause!

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