Today I will just hug my dogs …..

Today is my sweet O Henry’s fourth anniversary of his homecoming here!   Like any other relationship, ours came in a kit!   Along with all the baggage Henry brought along was  everything that we would need for him to be a happy and confident pal!

Four years ago, Henry was pretty darned lucky that he landed in the care of CAPS … and not with any branch of the society.    Change may have been in the air, but there is no way that any branch was even close to No Kill.

What do dogs do when they are afraid?   They flunk temperament tests is what they do!

Today …. I am too angry to talk sensibly about this story!   It does not come from secondhand information!   It is not a third-party anecdote!   It is something that I … in the course of my work to help special cases …. found out first hand right from the source!

In other words … it is fueled by anger because it comes straight from the heart!

Today I cannot blog for the tears.   For the disappointment.   For the useless and unnecessary unhappiness.

Today I will just hug my dogs.

Tomorrow I will tell the story.   Stay tuned.

Can anyone with even a hint of common sense or compassion actually say it is better to kill baby kittens than bottle feed them? Kill animals rather than promote adoptions? Kill animals rather than work with rescue groups?   Of course not.

fr Their Own Worst Enemies  by Nathan J Winograd

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