The best way to celebrate ….

I love Rascal’s enthusiastic kisses!  He has been a face washing fool from the first moment we met ….exactly one year ago today!    Like many seniors, Rascal fit in so very quickly that it still sometimes comes as a surprise to realize he has not actually been here for years and years!

It took him less than an hour to understand that Miss Ruby is the Queen of Sheba … that the ‘grass is not really greener’ in the other dinner dishes and that anyone smaller than some of the pussycats should treat them all with respect!

Truth be told, Rascal was pretty darned lucky that Atlantic Small Dog Rescue tucked him under their wing.    Things have come along way from the not that distant past when most homeless dogs over five automatically got the short end of the long needle .. but even so there are still many groups that will not look at a dog over ten.

Which of course is a shame on so many levels.   Senior pets bring their own special charm to the table.   It might not be for everyone, but those who adopt a senior pet find their own special rewards.   Their new pal is often house trained and house savvy!    Even when life has not been kind, seniors such as The Mighty Quinn are savvy enough to appreciate the gift of a fresh start!

Now before the keyboards catch on fire .. or anyone stomps off in a huff … I will be the first to admit that ASDR are not the only kind hearts stepping up for the ‘over ten’ crowd these days. From a purely personal perspective,  my own Andy came from ARC and Winnie came from East Coast German Shepherd Rescue …. and actually originally got a paw up from Homeward Bound City Pound   

And even before the Tuxedo Party found its way into Frank Mag … all the wonderful cat rescues have always had a special soft spot for the over ten senior kittizens.

Best of , my birds eye view has shown me that many of the society branches are now more on a par with shelters like SHAID and The Lillian Albon Shelter when it comes to providing safe harbour for senior pets over ten.    That is a huge step forward from five years ago when I was doing my research to build the homeless pet site!

But I am wandering afield, as I often do in my meandering way.   Today,  in Rascal’s honour, I would like to introduce Happy Ned.    Like Rascal, he has been lucky enough to come under ASDR’s loving umbrella.   Like Rascal, Ned is a happy go lucky lad who loves everyone and everybody.

And just like Rascal, Ned had not always been fed in an appropriate way before being rescued.   His foster Mom is making great strides with his new diet and already Ned has lost twelve pounds!

If there is anyone in this world who could understand how tough it is to be on a diet and lose weight … it is this fellow!

To be perfectly honest … I almost envy the kind heart who does adopt this wonderful boy!

What time is it?   It is time for everyone to put on their thinking caps and help Happy Ned find that kindred spirit who appreciates the Zen of a more experienced and mature companion!

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