Urgent!!! Foster home needed!

Pssst …. someone just told us about The Tuxedo Party and we want to know where we can sign up!    Of course, up until yesterday, nobody gave two hoots about us so we have no names to put on the ballot!  But as you can see,  we are all dressed up and ready to be pint-sized ambassadors anyway!

We are all ready to tell anyone who will listen that “neglect isn’t working” for us!   We have been living under this car with our little Mommy!   Gee whiz …. she really isn’t much older that we are, eh?

In another time and place, our Mommy was somebody’s pet!    Maybe they meant well.  Perhaps they did not understand that waiting for kitty to be six months old is a surefire recipe for surprise kittens!

Whatever the reason, our Mommy has had to fend for herself!  There were no prenatal visits to the vet!  No soft warm blankets or safe space for birthing!   Lucky for us that our Mommy is smarter and braver than the folks who left her in the lurch!

Even so … today just might be our lucky day!   Someone told the kind hearts at ARC about us!   Even though they are ‘full to the gunnels’, these lovely folks are hoping to tuck us under their wing!   All we need now is for one person to step up and say ” Yes .. I can foster this little Momcat and her babies for you!”

One person is all it is going to take to get us off the streets!   One person!   We will be safe and well cared for!   ARC will take care of the costs!  All we need is one person to add the love for the equation to work!

One person can break the chain, so that we all become spayed and neutered  part of the solution instead of adding to the population problem our politicians keep trying to deny!

What time is it?   It is time for everyone to put social networking to the best kind of use … so that today can be the first day we will all be safe and snug!

 Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, What are you doing for others?   Martin Luther King Jr


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