The best kind of humour

Is this your first time here?    Have we not met before?   Folks who have been popping  by to visit our Mom’s blog on a regular basis already know who we are, eh?   As a matter of fact, Mom often uses our little story to explain the difference between stray and feral cats!

We are Oscar and Dora …. and we would like to throw our wholehearted support behind the Tuxedo Party!    Does that mean our Mom is moving to the city?  That we are going to become city slickers?    Of course not!

All we are saying is that even out here, we think that Tuxedo Stan makes a lot of sense!   Oscar and I know that neglect hasn’t been working out here either!   I am the only one of my brothers and sisters who survived being born in the wild.    Snif’ … we never did find out what happened to our kitty mommy!

To this day …. Oscar has no idea what happened!   At some point, somebody loved him enough to get him neutered!    He has no idea why he was taken out here and dumped when he was six(ish) … as if suddenly none of that love and devotion mattered anymore!

That is why we are one hundred percent behind The Tuxedo Party!    We just love Tuxedo Stan’s campaign slogan .. “because neglect isn’t working”!    We think The Tuxedo Party Facebook page is absolutely purrfect!

Sheesh … when I was learning the difference between the carpet and the cat box, I found out first hand what a great communication tool cuteness can be!   That’s why I love all the purrfect pictures with their funny little captions!  (see below for a sampling 🙂

Mom is always asking ‘what time is it?”     We say it is time for everyone to share The Tuxedo Party Page!   We might be country bumpkins …but even we know that neglect has not been working anywhere around Nova Scotia, eh?

The kind of humor I like is the thing that makes me laugh for five seconds and think for ten minutes.  ~William Davis

The Tuxedo Party held its second official meeting last night at an undisclosed location. All present agreed that the following portrait of our esteemed leader was the purr-fect choice for the election posters, buttons, t-shirts, etc. Save your money over the summer so you can be among the first to purchase these soon-to-be collectors items. Stay tuned.

A well known celebrity tuxedo cat was asked if he plans to run as a candidate. He declined to comment at this time however he says he supports the efforts of all the rescue groups wholeheartedly.

Patrick O’Neill, former resident of the Atlantic Cat Hospital says he is prepared to throw his support behind the right candidate – catnip bribes are willingly accepted. Patrick himself has no interest in running as he is thoroughly enjoying his retirement, however he is very excited to watch from the sidelines.

Tuxedo Stanley isn’t sure he could last in politics: “I heard that HRM spent $500,000 on a feasibility study for a stadium that would cost between $50 and $70 million to build. They spent NOTHING ($0.00) to help with cat rescue efforts. Excuse me while I go throw up a hairball.”

“Tank the Enforcer” is an 18lb tuxedo who would like to offer his service as a “body guard” during the campaign. He is a former stray who has climbed his way to the top! He has many friends still on the “outside” and hopes they will soon be able to enjoy the high life!

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