Hey, let’s be careful out there ….

I am old enough to remember when we used to call it Dominion Day!   If memory serves, it was years before my parents stopped calling it that …. and  to be perfectly honest, I do not believe my Granny ever took to calling it Canada Day!

Here in Nova Scotia, where one can find a summer festival somewhere every  weekend ….  Canada Day is still the ‘big cheese’ of summer celebrations!    From the bright lights of the ‘big city’ to tiny little hamlets like ours,  there will be all sorts of outdoor fun this Sunday.

When my daughter and her husband still lived here, it was the hardest day of the year for Eddy the Wondercat!    Their backyard bordered on a lovely green belt that has always done double duty as both a sports field and a central location for any and all fireworks displays!  They had to keep Eddy tucked in the spare room so that he did not bolt when their friends came over for a front row seat for the fireworks.

Does that mean that we should not celebrate Canada Day?   Or any of the other festivals that we so enjoy every summer?   Of course not!   At the risk of sounding like a sentimental fool,  we are so blessed to live in such a wonderful corner of the world.   There is no place that I have ever been and nothing I have ever seen that can compare with the Canada that I know and love.   (the testy topic of whether it will stay that way, given the unprecedented powers that have been made possible by a majority government unwilling or unable to heed voter feedback is a sticky subject that is being well addressed by blogs with a different focus than this one  )

It simply means that we always need to remember that our pets generally do not share our enthusiasm for summer festivities!    That our pets are depending on us to keep them safe!

In other words, it is our job to be prepared.   No matter where one lives in this province, odds are that all the municipal celebrations will be boosted by little pockets of ‘home’ fireworks displays.   Every outdoor picnic and BBQ will be serving some foods that can make our pets sick!

Some places, like Calgary, have taken the sensible step of not allowing pets to attend these festivities.  Here in Nova Scotia, it is up to individual pet owners to use their own good common sense …. which still sadly is sometimes a rare thing!

Every year on Facebook, there are desperate pleas after Canada Day is over from distraught pet owners who have lost their pets!   The Nova Scotia Lost Dog Network would like to remind all pet owners in this province to take extra precautions to prevent pets from becoming frightened and lost during the festivities!

Living out here, on any given evening I always leash the dogs after dark, even in the play yard!    At that hour, I am not dressed for administering skunk baths!   Nor am I one bit interested in taking anyone in for stitches should  there be a racoon drinking in the ornamental pond!

And I can guarantee that I definitely do not want to have to gallop over hill and dale after anyone in hot pursuit of a coyote / deer / bunny / etc that might be sniffing around on the other side of the play yard fence.

What does all this mean in realspeak?   Why of course that on Sunday,  we will not wait for full dark!   Experience has taught me that some folks are so eager to see their fireworks that they just can’t wait to get the party started!

Have a great Canada Day!  And remember, people ….

“Hey, let’s be careful out there”    Michael Conrad as Sgt Phil Esterhaus on Hill Street Blues

PS …. special thanks to Pat Lee for taking the time to pose Cameron in full Canadian colour!   Cameron is five years old, and will soon be available for adoption at The Provincial Animal Shelter!    I’d say if he was patient enough to pose so well, Cameron will be sweet and gentle enough to fit in almost anywhere 🙂

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