The power of word of mouth ….

I love the finished and settled look that shade trees give to the yard. Nineteen years ago this place was simply an overgrown old cow pasture brimming with possibilities.  Now I am really starting to reap the rewards of all that digging and planting and sculpting and shifting.

Even better of course is that the process of putting my own stamp on the place has been an unaccustomed luxury for someone who previously had to leave every planting behind every three or four years.  Best of all is that all that time and energy has created a cozy space that is a real comfort and joy!

As a gardener, I hope that I never lose that childlike sense of wonder at being able to create and encourage beauty.   But as a human being, I hope to never lose that understanding that while gardens can flourish long after we have left them behind, the same cannot be said for our pets.

I might not have been able to bring my shrubbery and trees along every time that I moved … but at least I was always able to bring my pets.   Was it always easy?   Nope!  Back then, there were none of the lovely moving benefits for pets that the military happily has now!

On one memorable occasion, the legendary Mr Fritz serenaded us from northern Alberta to New Brunswick …. picking up the tempo everytime the car slowed for construction or traffic!

Happily,  having grown up in a military family who DID bring their pets along on postings, I knew that if it wasn’t always easy that it always was possible!    Even sweeter,  bringing my own pets along on posting was a great life lesson for my own daughter!

It was not always easy!    There was often a decidedly earthy undertone to the car by the time we got to Point B!    But … at the end of the day … it was much easier to settle into our new home when we had the whole ‘pack’ with us!

But the real reward lay years down the road!    Eddy the Wondercat may have sung all the way to their new home in Ontario, but there was never any doubt in anyone’s mind that he would not be moving with my daughter and her family!

That is all very fine and well for those who have found first hand that bringing their pets when they move is an achievable objective.    Is it possible to shift the goal posts for those who never had the benefit of that experience?

More importantly … given the unprecedented number of jobs that seem to be circling the drain in this province …. how can the playing field be levelled for those who will have to head out west?    When the possibility of having a home is  still in the future …. yet the need to relocate for work is in the immediate here and now?

It would be a shame for folks to have to give up their pets for the lack of a short-term solution.   So here is today’s what if!

The people who read this blog are generally ‘part of the choir’.   You are mostly kind, committed pet owners who make every effort … and often go the extra mile …. for the animals.   Word of mouth is a powerful thing.   Talk to your friends. … to your neighbours … to your family … and to your social networking buddies.

Remind them that if folks will only take a moment to breathe that there is often a good solution waiting in the wings that does not involve putting their best friends at risk in the free online ad sites.    Suggest that family and friends step up to foster for the short-term.

We each of us have folks in our actual social networking circles who only ever have any awareness of animal related issues when we as individuals speak up.    It will not matter what the society and rescue web sites say if these folks never, ever go there, eh?

In other words …. speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves.  What time is it?  It is always time to remember the power of word of mouth!

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