A Beautiful Happy Tail just waiting to happen!

I love Miss Ruby!   Purists looking for a purebred might not appreciate her unique brand of beauty …. but that has never been relevant to our relationship!   It really has just been frosting on the cake that we are still chugging along with those excellent checkups that are just one of many fringe benefits for loving a mutt!

Unlike Miss Ruby … who was practically spoken for from the moment her paws first stepped into Elsie’s pound, little Patches has been waiting in foster for a few months now!   In that time, she has come a long way from the shy nervous little pup who first came into ARC’s care.

Sometimes, even kind hearts can hesitate to look at dogs who have been ‘waiting on the shelf’ for a while … as if there was a best before date tagged onto the Petfinder listing!   Folks often forget that experienced foster pawrents are not just feeding the pets and driving them to the vets …. everyday they are building confidence and trust!  Dogs really only want to please us …. and homeschooling with their foster Mum’s gives them the tools they need to put their best paw forward!

The truth instead is that every month that Patches has spent with her foster Mom has been put to good use!    Patches is more settled and confident!  As you can see from the pictures here,  Patches has also been learning good doggy social skills from her foster Mum’s Golden Retriever!

The truth is that she is better prepared than ever to be a beautiful heart dog for the lucky person wise enough to recognize that!   I love those little pudgy legs … galloping to the familiar face behind the camera:)

What time is it?   It is time for everyone to put their thinking caps on and share this with their friends … so that this beautiful Happy Tail in Waiting has a chance to begin!

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