Urgent!!! Fosters needed for hoarding situation rescue!

 Long before Winnie waddled into my heart,  I have had a deep and abiding respect for the kind hearts who devote their time and energy to East Coast German Shepherd Rescue.   They have developed the fine art of leading by example … so that their rescue work does double duty by raising public awareness of animal welfare issues both here and away.

Thanks to ECGSR, more kind hearts in the Maritimes became aware of the horrible plight of impounded dogs in rural southern shelters  … where many are still brutally killed with inhumane tools such as gas chambers and heartsticking

Closer to home, by not playing politics, ECGSR has led the lifesaving way for rescues to transfer dogs from Homeward Bound Pound in the city.     My own Winnie, for instance, would not have found a ready welcome everywhere for his eleven year old self with so many health issues.

Their relationship with the Animal Rescue Corps has helped highlight the desperate need for spay neuter intervention in our own Reserves!

This week, even though The Animal Rescue Corps were already engaged in rescueing from a hoarding situation in Arizona,  they quickly responded when they were called for another Canadian Rescue.   Now they have reached out to ECGSR again after rescuing 20 large mixed breed dogs from a hoarding situation in an apartment just outside Montreal.

These six beautiful dogs left Montreal yesterday and should soon be arriving here in Nova Scotia.     Two volunteers from East Coast German Shepherd Rescue are driving back with them as we speak.

This unanticipated rescue now means that East Coast German Shepherd Rescue is scrambling to try to find fosters for these beautiful dogs.   Six more dogs are on their way here next week from down south … making the need more urgent than usual!

What time is it?    Right here, right now, it is time for everyone to put their thinking caps on to see if they … or someone they know … might be able to help out in this pinch.

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