Webmaster update with sad news

Webmaster update: Atlantic Small Dog Rescue was saddened to report that Journey did not survive the night, in spite of the heroic surgery. They would like to thank everyone who donated to the cost of the surgery.

I love making food for my good dogs!   What’s not to love?   In this day and age, when food recalls seem to be the rule rather than the exception, it is very reassuring to know what I am feeding my friends.

Does that mean that my family circus are all canine gourmets who spurn the standard stinky and gross dog pleasures?   Of course not!

Two of them think that it is just plain mean for me to keep the kitty litter box out of their reach!   If it wasn’t for the words ‘leave it’, all of them would have eaten deer / raccoon / rabbit / bear / etc poop out in the woods …. along with any number of barely identifiable dead things en route!

In other words, they are dogs!   All that loyalty and devotion should come in a bright and curious package, eh?   We would worry if it did not!

Over the years, I have been amazed at the variety that various dogs have found ‘attractive’.   The Labrador could chew a Barbie until it could slide under a door!   When I was deployed on a Joint Services Op,  four month old McG gnawed all the legs on my chair better than any beaver 🙂

There are reasons I now keep all the remotes / cordless keyboards / mice/ physical address books / important papers in a drawer!   That the SOS pads / rising bread dough / slippers / etc are kept out of reach!

Are the dogs that I love, and have loved, the exception rather than the rule?   Of course not!

My vet once told me she still gets  gobsmacked at the swallowed bits that she sees in  x-rays!   Does that mean that she is busy doing surgical interventions for this?   Nope?   Why?   Do people not care about their pets?  Are they not willing to pay for an expensive surgery?

Here in the real world, when any abdominal surgery still carries a certain amount of risk, it is pretty much standard practice for surgery only to be done when it is absolutely necessary for the health and well-being of the pet!

A couple of days ago, this surgery had to be done for a little eight week old Husky puppy whose guardians could not afford the surgery after he ate what is believed to be an onion bag with metal clips!   This could easily have been an Unsung Unhappy Tail, had the clinic not contacted Atlantic Small Dog Rescue.

The short version of this story is that ASDR has taken the little fellow into their care and the heroic life saving surgery was done for the little lad.

Does this mean that ASDR is flush for cash?  Of course not!    They simply rolled up their fundraising sleeves so that they could say “yes … we can save this life”.    The little lad has been given the very fitting name of Journey and has gone home for the weekend with their vet so that he can be carefully monitored!

If you would like to help ASDR with the cost of the surgery, please Click Here

What time is it?   As well as being time to step up and help save this little life … it is also, always time to remember that our pets depend on us to keep them safe with an ounce of puppy proofing prevention.

Every good act is charity. A man’s true wealth hereafter is the good that he does in  this world to his fellows      Mohammed

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