The best entertainment for both you and your cat …..

I love watching my five cats!  Whether they are snoozing or simply staking out the high ground, their shenanigans always serve as a distraction from any task at hand!  To be perfectly honest, I feel rather sorry for indoor only cats that are denied the company of their own kind!

Before the keyboards catch on fire, I realize that there are some pussycats who are not prepared to share their humans.   Yet when I watch my crew thundering down the hall playing tag,  it is hard to imagine any of my crew being happy without someone to play/ snooze/ groom or just plain commune with.

Yet … how is one to know if two kitties will be buddies?  Cats can be as choosy as we are about our friends, eh?    When my daughter and her husband adopted an adult cat to keep Eddy the Wondercat company, the pair of them did not bond until they united in their displeasure at the arrival of my bouncing, boisterous young granddoggy a couple of years later 🙂

The good news is that after cats are rescued, they seldom live alone.    Whether they are in communal cat rooms, kitty cottages or farmed out with fosters …. rescued cats usually have the opportunity to form relationships.

In other words, kind hearts have a unique opportunity to find two pals who will be good company for each other while the humans are at school/ work/ soccer/ etc.

Now the Really Good News for kind hearts is that sometimes, having enough heart to adopt two lovelies will not mean having to pay two adoption fees.   For instance, at TAPA Cat Rescue,  one can adopt the lovely pair of Ashley , pictured above,  and  Cinder (below) for a special reduced fee if they are adopted together.

For kind hearts with a soft spot for marmalade kitties, TAPA also has a special reduced for someone who adopts both Tom and Jerry (below)

Nor does the fun stop there!  TAPA also has a special fee for folks who adopt lovely young cats like Lydia ( below ) with a second kitten or cat!

At the end of the day, noone can really  put a price on love.   The real value in special offers like this lies in the opportunity for kind hearts to know in advance that their new buddies will be such good friends that the joy will be multiplied many times over!

The best entertainment for a cat is another cat.   source unknown.

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