While you are waiting for your ship to come in …

I love seen the fern fronds unfolding with the promise of lush greenery only days away.  So many of them are lost every spring to first time fiddlehead foragers that the river bank is more readily resculptured when the hard fall rains come.  

Is that the only reason the river bank is eroding?   Of course not!  Who is to say that the soft spots the ferns prefer might simply more be vulnerable in the first place, eh?  

But I am … as always … wandering as afield with the topic as we do down by the river itself!   The point I am making in my meandering way is that each of us have much more impact than we might believe.

I would be a woman of wealth if I had a loonie for every time that a well intentioned kind heart told me that they would love to win a lottery so that they could open a sanctuary / start a rescue / etc.    While that would be wonderful … is that actually what we need to get to No Kill Nova Scotia?

Not even close!    Sometimes when we are wrestling those darned alligators, we all lose sight of the fact that we are actually trying to drain the swamp.  

Here in the real world, there are generally two ways to tackle a problem.   First there is the reactive approach, where we try to catch the balls when they drop.   Then there is the proactive path … where preemptive steps are taken to prevent problems in the first place.

Which is better?   They both are!   Generally any meaningful solution to any large scale social issue is going to involve a variety of approaches.    Getting to No Kill Nova Scotia is exactly that sort of thing, eh?

Happily for us, there is already a time-tested and proven roadmap that recognizes the need for this.  It is call the No Kill Equation … and is just chock full of proactive solutions that can prevent pets from becoming homeless in the first place.

So … while one is waiting to win the lottery …. there are ever so many ways that individuals can prevent pets from becoming homeless in the first place:

  • Set a good example by being a responsible pet owner.   Keeping your pets fur life is every bit as important as spay neuter, eh?
  • Keep it all in the family.   When someone in the family is ill, or needs surgery, family members who help out short term with walking the dog or changing the litter box can keep Spot or Fluffy with the person who already knows and loves them.
  • Bootie call:   Everybody knits, but noone seems to remember how overwhelming it can be to be new parents.   Instead of knitting something that will be worn once, why not feed / walk / care for pets so that new parents do not face the additional stress of giving up their pet
  • ask your municipal councillor to support creating an off leash dog park.    Well socialized and well exercised dogs are much better canine citizens, eh?
  • put social networking to good use.    As well as sharing pics of adoptable pets, make sure to use it to spread the good word about how much fun it is to share space with a pet 🙂
  • Talk, talk, talk.  Never underestimate the power of word of mouth for influencing folks opinions and attitudes.  

What time is it?   It is always, always time to remember how important pet retention really is.    If someone doesn’t caulk the seams, then no amount of bailing will ever keep the boat afloat.

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