Looking for a little duct tape

I love watching old reruns of The Red Green Show!  What is not to love?   He is hilarious.   Even better, he is Canadian!   Best of all of course are the unlimited applications that he, and his fellow Possum Lodge members, find for using duct tape!

Do they work here in the real world?   Generally not!   Does that mean there is never any need for the quick fix?   Of course not!

Animal rescues are always looking for kind hearts who can help them them out in a fix.   To bridge the gap until a permanent foster can be found.

In short, there is always a real need for emergency fosters!  These are the folks who can really make a life and death difference for a dog.   They are the game changers who make it possible for a rescue to say “yes … we can take this pet”!

Does it matter where one lives in the province?   Surprisingly not!  Thanks to social networking,  pets in need are able to ‘hitchhike’ to their destinations around the province.   At the grassroots level,  animal rescues in this province have developed cooperative working relationships that are very likely the envy of the media ridden society these days.

Today, the Animal Rescue Coalitions would like to change the whole world for one sweet young female dog.   In the short space of her two year old life, this little lady has already had four litters of puppies 😦

All they need is a kind heart who can keep her safe until they can get her spayed.

What time is it?   It is time for everyone to put on their thinking caps and try to help find someone with short term space in their home and their heart so that this sweetheart can have a better life.

Duct tape – the handyman’s secret weapon.  Red Green


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