There really is gold in those grey muzzles ……

I love shopping at Frenchies!   What’s not to love?   From mothers trying to fit out fifteen year olds in affordable fashion to stylin’ working gals right through to middle aged grandmothers choosing NOT to dress like teenagers … there really is something for everyone! 
All that affordability combined with the thrill of the hunt!   It really is just frosting on the cake that Frenchies offers such a good business model for the benefits of recycling and reusing!
Pretty much exactly like pet adoption, eh?   The adult amstaf mix that somebody else tossed away because he will never, ever be a fighter is the absolute apple of my eye.  
Even better, when I adopted him, he was already vet checked and vaccinated and neutered.    After all these years of sharing space with dogs, I knew that Henry’s modest adoption fee actually represented only a fraction of the ‘street value’ of this care!
Best of all of course was that the shared journey of helping Henry become all that he could be has done double duty by building a beautiful relationship!
Does that mean that every adoptable dog is going to be quite so much work?  Of course not!   For every Good Dog in Training, there are many other lovely well behaved family pets who … through no fault of their own .. are in need of new digs.
Sometimes it can be even sweeter than that!  When Rascal came here,  it took him exactly twenty four hours to get the lay of the land.     Within a week, first time visitors would have been unable to tell that Rascal had lived a different life in a galaxy far, far away from this house.
What made the difference?   Age of course!   It is a myth that one cannot teach old dogs new tricks!  The truth is that senior pets really are older and wiser!  That seniors are settled enough to focus and learn!
Even the Mighty Quinn … who was such a stranger to domestic bliss …. was able to learn all the sundry bits necessary to become somebody’s best boy!
There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting the puppy.  There is no denying the appeal of puppy breath and adorable big paws!  When I was younger, I made that sweet sentimental journey a couple of times myself:)
After years of shift work, one of the best bits about being retired is being able to get a good nights sleep.   Even better … I have discovered that it really is true …. and cannot imagine when I ever had time to work!   Best of all of course is that I am now at liberty to spend time in the woods with my good dogs every morning!
What time is it?  To paraphrase the old adage … it is time to remember that no kind act of adopting an adult or mature pet goes unrewarded … and that adopters really do get to embrace the love without the sleepless nights! 

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