It isn’t just bunnies who might not find Easter funny

I hope I never outgrow my fondness for Easter Chocolate!  To be perfectly honest, most of my friends share my childish enthusiasm for any celebration involving chocolate.
That’s all very fine and well for us … when the worst that can happen is that our clothes might become “two sizes too small”!     It is quite a different kettle of fish four our four footed friends!
In the midst of all the fun, it would be easy to overlook that it isn’t just bunnies who do not actually find Easter funny … and that there can be very real risks to our pets with some of the traditional trappings of the Easter Holiday:

  • Hiding chocolate Easter eggs for children to find in the morning is a popular tradition for many parents.    The best way to avoid those expensive off hours holiday trips to the vets is to hide the eggs well out of reach of any pets.
  • Hiding real eggs outside for children to find is another of the fun bits people like to do.   Make sure the eggs are colored brightly enough so that any ‘leftovers’ are easy to find.    (IE don’t paint them green …lol )  It takes less time to double check the yard so that pets who love to snack on smelly old things do not get sick eating rotten old eggs
  • All that glitters is not actually good for pets.   Make sure that egg and basket decorating sessions are carefully supervised so that cats do not have an opportunity to eat the colored plastic ‘straw’ and bit of glitter that we often use
  • You might want to rethink having the traditional potted Easter Lily for a decoration … or substitute it with a nice silk version.    Any part of these plants are so toxic to pets that it really is not worth the risk.
  • Who doesn’t love the wide variety of Chocolate Bunnies / hens/ etc..?  Play it safe and keep all the uneaten bits well out of reach of pets.  In this house, I have always found it handy to keep these things in a small tote in the cupboard.
  • Last but not least … for anyone planning to serve traditional Easter fare, it is wise to remember that much of what is on the menu will wind up giving pets sore tummies and will actually make some sick.  Dressing, gravy, etc are chock full of onions and other rich things that were never meant to be served to our pets.

What time is it?   No matter how you celebrate the rites of spring, it is always ever so much better to plan a pet safe holiday!

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