Media Celebreties in need of good homes …..

I have loved Oscar from the first moment we met!   Even though he was clearly bewildered at the hand life had dealt him, from the first moment we met, Oscar pulled out all the stops to secure a place in my heart!
Oscar really is like a poster boy for all the best bits about adopting a cat that was abandoned.     He is a loyal and devoted friend who runs to the door to meet me and is seldom far from my side when I am indoors.   
It just breaks my heart to think that at one point someone loved him enough to have him neutered … only to toss him aside like rubbish when he was seven or so.  
We live in a world where we are well accustomed to slick sixty minutes solutions on the not so small screen.   Oscar did not pack his bags and hitchhike out here!   Somebody put him in their car … drove out here … tossed him out of a window and sped away.  If they were able to do that, odds are they don’t care how stiff his shoulder still gets when it is damp, eh?
Not to be mean … but there is no excuse for that!  Did they have a baby?  Was there a new boyfriend?   Did somebody move?   Those are all normal life events that should not be grounds for dismissal!  Even if it took more than sixty minutes to sort out, it would be time well spent, eh?
The worst part of course is that at some point in time .. whoever did this will be at liberty to repeat history again and again!   Each and every time convincing themselves that it is actually a kindness to expect a family pet to fend for themselves!
Stray cats are actually like mice.  For every Oscar who finds safe harbour … there are at least a dozen more who suffer much harsher fates.
Last month, PET Projects in Shelburne had quite the surprise when the few abandoned cats they thought they were rescuing turned out to be thirty cats!  Happily there was such a tremendous outpouring of support that all these cats are safe and vetted and altered.
So is this the happy ending?   Not yet!  Only five of the thirty have been adopted …. with twenty five more still waiting for their own lucky day! 
What time is it?  These cats may have been ‘media celebreties’ … but now it is time for everyone to share their listings so that they can settle into a more everyday life!
A home without a cat is just a house …. source unknown.

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