Sometimes, it is more than a matter of opinion …

I love driving down my road on a morning like this … when the snow is so heavy and wet it sculpts all the shrubbery along the way.    Even with all this winter wonderland, one of the true signs of spring is starting to spring up along the way too!  I am of course referring to the real estate signs that crop up around here once the posting messages come in!
No question about it – this is a great neighbourhood!  Unless there is something structurally wrong with the house or it has been over optimistically priced, most places on this road sell lickedty split!
We are close enough to the village for those concerned with commuting costs.   Even better, there is still a strong country feel instead of that strung out along the road subdivision look that so many back roads have acquired.
Best of all,  it is long on friendliness and short on the sort of things that bring the RC’s rolling in with their sirens.
Further down the way, the folks trying to sell the house across the road from the new gravel pit are having a much harder time of it.  Why would that be … when the price is quite reasonable and the home itself so lovely?
Buying a house is not like browsing for the latest tech toys or going for groceries.   At the end of the day, a house is always more than the sum of its purchase price.
Why?  Because a house is more than a building … and if those walls could talk they could tell the tales of our lives!   To quote the lovely banner on my wall … to be at home is to find yourself with those who put your heart at ease.
Picking out a pet is much the same, eh?   The purchase price cannot possibly guarantee the right fit.   If care is not taken, the kindest of hearts can easily find themselves in over their head.
When kids are in school, they learn how to budget and to bake and even to tend babies.    Sadly, nowhere, in this province are children schooled in picking out pets.
Just imagine the possibilities!   Children could discover how much it costs to feed pets and provide responsible vet care.    It could help raise awareness that pets are not like an interactive toy that can be tucked on the shelf.   
Would every child learn that cats need to be spayed and dogs are not yard ornaments?  Of course not!   Sex education has never prevented all the unwanted pregnancies and social diseases, eh?
Still, it is such an important life skill to leave out of the curriculum, eh?   Just imagine the impact this ounce of prevention could have!  It wouldn’t keep every future adult from making inappropriate choices, but it could and would have a meaningful impact on the pound of rescue cure needed in the future to pick up the pieces.
In other words, it would be money well spent!   After all, noone needs to reinvent the wheel with this one.   Lesson plans have already been written by reputable professionals for all age levels.
What is the hold up?   Why it is the same bit as with everything else.   Our MLA‘s in general and the Dept of Education in specific respond best to strong voter feedback.    If none of their constituents consider this to be a priority… there is no inspiration whatsoever for them to act.
What time is it?  It is time to understand that investing in our future is the very best way to create the sort of communities we want our children to live in.
Every reform was once private opinion.   Ralph Waldo Emerson

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