Meet the Adorable Adoptable Dogs at the Cape Breton SPCA

One of the best bits about doing the homeless pet site is the birds eye view that it affords me.   Since the society regained control of the Sydney shelter, I have been on the watch for new petfinder listings from the branch … though with such a formidable to do list, I am not surprised to see the Cape Breton SPCA petfinder listings are not back up yet.
Lucky for the animals at the shelter that those darned volunteers have been posting pics and descriptions on their facebook page, the  Friends of the Sydney Shelter Facebook Group :

  • Betsy- Pit mix female senior..She is a friendly girl who still has quite a bit of spunk left lol..Betsy spends most of her time now in the offices and reception area interacting with staff and visitors lol…QUEEN of the property..
  • Blackie- Lab mix male..Real nice guy..needs training but his hearts in the right place..It looks like Blackies been through alot and he deserves a good home…he always has a goofy smile on..come on in a check him out
  • Bonnie – Sweet Senior
  • Breton- Male terrier mix 7 months…Beautiful dog very social and playful, calm..Will make a great pet in any home..Come on in and see him..
  • Brutus- Pit/lab mix male..BIG BABY lol Great dog loves to run and have fun..handsome and very athletic…good natured, just a fun dog to be around..not a barker either..really sharp and yes he’s a smuggler..
  • This is my foster puppy Corki. He is a Lab/Collie mix around 9 weeks old. His sister just went to her forever home last night. Corki is registered with the CB SPCA and will have to be adopted through the application process. Being his foster mom I want to meet potential adopters. If you want to meet Corki then that is no problem. We can always meet at the shelter.
  • Lucy- Shep mix female 4-5 months…Lucy is the cutest lil girl, she has a wonderful playful excited personality and will climb right up in your arms lol even if ur standing up lol lots of energy and potential..come and rescue this sweet lil pup she’ll never forget it……
  • Mary and Sally- Female beagle mix sisters..These 2 are just sweeties. They need work on their house training though. They will have to go to a home with someone who will have the patience to work through this with them. They are 3- 4 years old and not spayed.
  • Miesha- Pitt/lab mix female 4 to 5 months…sweet little puppy..very cute and has an excellent personality..she will make a great pet…come in and visit her..
  • Miguel- Mixed Breed male…Very gentle and great dog to walk..He is quiet and smart..Hasn’t been at the shelter very long…lets keep it that way…
  • Rosco- Beagle male..Rosco is a picture perfect beagle.. Great color pattern strong in excellent shape.. lots of energy, still young..need basic training..come check him out..
  • Sadie- Shepard mix female under 1 year old…Awesome dog, tones of fun….She has lots of energy and loves to run…lots of intelligence and with some training will make an exceptional dog…During our little photo shoot i don’t think she stop moving the whole time,,just enough for a few shots lol..come and check this lil lady out…
  • Sandy- Golden retriever mix male 2 1/2 years…beautiful dog.. A great personality excitable and affectionate…I personally would love to be able to take this dog home he going to make someone extremely happy…come in and meet him ………… and very very
  • Sky- Husky/lab mix female puppy…Awesome dog! So much fun and a happy little lady…Theres no missing her metallic Blue eyes……………
  • Star- Beagle female..Star is a beautiful dog gentle and shy at first but warms up very fast…Classic beagle look to her and she just likes being next to someone…come in and see her..
  • Trooper- Shep mix male 6yr old..Trooper is definitely the rite name for this guy since he’s been at the shelter for almost 5 months..he is a great dog quiet..reserved and just like to hang out with anyone..Trooper would prefer to be the only animal in the house..and he deserves it that for sure..been through a lot and keeps on truckin..
  • Zoey- lab mix female 3 to 4 months…Very very cute and playful…Just a Puppy lol

Please note that all descriptions are directly quoted from their own words on the facebook group … and that for further information or details about any of these adorable adoptables, interested kind hearts should call the shelter directly at 902- 539-7722
What time is it?  It is time to share these lovely pictures … who knows what wonderful things will come of that?

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