Mark Your Calendar for Meow Movers!

For my money, forget the theatre … anyone looking for real passion and heart will be best served by becoming better acquainted with the kind hearts who rescue cats.
No fair weather friends …. in the worst winter weather they are out trapping and rescuing and even fundraising for spay neuter!   Does that sound busy?  You bet! 
So much so that for a long time, it was every ‘crazy cat lady (or lad) for themselves!    Why?   Was it that most cat people are as independent as those that they rescue?   That organizing them has proven to be more of a challenge than the tired old cliche about herding cats?
Or was it simply that everyone liked the idea of organizing … in theory!  In realspeak, everyone I know in the cat world has just been too darned busy rescuing to have the time and energy for anything else!
Luckily for the kitties, there has been a quiet little ‘force for good’ at work.   Every weekend, volunteers with Second Chance Charity have been faithfully manning their booth at the Harbourview Market … with all proceeds going directly to local cat rescues! 
Even better, Second Chance Charity has graduated from big garage sales to Meow Mixers where beautiful adoptable cats have been out in the public eye!   It is almost frosting on the cake that this has done double duty by providing an opportunity to the cat rescuers to network.
 That has been such a success that this Saturday there will be a Meow Mover Event (see poster below for details)!  Folks will be able to meet lovely cats like Mama Peekaboo (pictured above) and in some cases will even be able to bring their new pal home that day.
There are twenty (+/-) rescues taking part and I have it on good authority there will be kitties of all ages and sizes and colours!   
Best of all, if you are looking for a meaningful way to help the kitties, it would be a great … and pressure free …. opportunity to meet the folks who are doing this wonderful work.
What time is it?  It is always time to support offsite adoption events!  We will not get to No Kill Nova Scotia without them!

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