In praise of secret loves

I love Dora!  When we are batting about here by ourselves she is the loveliest little companion  … following me around like a puppy and first in line to greet me at the door when I come home.
Mind you, this is a solitary pleasure as even the most regular visitors here seldom catch even a glimpse of her beautiful self!   She is living proof that feral cats are not well suited to anyone needing to show off their pets!
Does this mean that she is not friendly and affectionate with me?  Of course not.   This little miss has the loudest purr in the house and sleeps on my shoulder at night 🙂
She has come a long, long way from the tiny little warrior who was hunting under my bird feeder three years ago.  She was so scruffy and so scared that I just could not bring myself to scold her for succeeding in her hunt !
The short version of this story … as any long time reader knows … is that after weeks and weeks of laying on the ice to coax the little ninja who was too clever to trap, I was finally able to build enough trust to take the long and patient journey that brought her into the safety of the house.
Casper reminds me a bit of my sweet little Dora!    Sadly, the streets have not been kind to this handsome fellow.   He simply did not have either the street smarts or the strength to defend himself against the neighbourhood bully of a tom.   Even worse,  some juvenile delinquents had spray painted this poor boy last summer.
Worst of all was the emotional toll this has taken on this lovely boy.  Lets face it, if he was a human who had suffered such cruelties, he would spend the rest of his life being treated for PTSD.
Lucky for Casper that a kind heart in the neighbourhood took pity on him.   She saw how hurt he was and finally was able to trap him.  Casper has been cleaned up and vetted and is now being cared for by an SPCA volunteer.
Casper has been in foster since boxing day and is already started on the journey to rebuild trust.   His shy self might hide at first, but he will now purr up a storm on his foster Mum’s lap and will even let her brush him 🙂
What time is it?  It is time for everyone to put their thinking caps on to find that special someone for Casper who understands that this are special rewards waiting for those who have a secret love!
Once I had a secret love
That lived within the heart of me

All too soon my secret love
Became impatient to be free
So I told a friendly star
The way that dreamers often do
Just how wonderful you are
And why I’m so in love with you
Now I shout it from the highest hills
Even told the golden daffodils
At last my heart’s an open door
And my secret love’s no secret anymore
from Secret Love written by Sammy Fain and Paul-Francis Webster

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