Urgent …. the LA Shelter could use your help!

I love the kind hearts at the Lillian Albon Shelter in Amherst!  Back when I was doing the research to start the homeless pet project properly, they were one of the few groups around who were genuinely No Kill.    
Time has always been relative for them …. adoptables have always been kept in safe hands for however many weeks or months that it took for their kindred spirit to find them.
Even better … in my books 😉 … at a time when pets over five often got the short end of the long needle … the LA Shelter never hesitated to take seniors.
Best of all of course is that they have never defined healthy and treatable by the dollar sign.
Crumpet is only twelve weeks old but has already had a very eventful life!  When this beautiful little dog was brought to the vet with a broken leg, her family discovered that they could not afford her treatment!
The short version of this story is that Crumpet was surrendered to the kind hearts at the Lillian Albon Shelter.    When the vet was unable to save her little leg, it had to be amputated.
The good news is that she is a dog and so is not going to have any of our human hangups about being handicapped.  Anyone who has ever lived with a ‘tripod’ can tell you how quickly they adapt and adjust, eh?
The good news is that Crumpet is an adorable and affectionate little pup who still has so much to offer!
The bad news is that the shelter now has to look for help with a fairly substantial vet bill!  What time is it?   It is always time to support the groups that always pull out all the stops for the adoptables in their care …. so that they will be able to continue such wonderful lifesaving work!  

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