In praise of paying rent …..

I love Atlantic Small Dog Rescue!   Not because they rescued my Rascal and started him on a better path that wound up at my door.   Nor is it because size never matters no matter what their masthead says!
It isn’t even that their kind hearts continue to find new and innovative ways to help the animals.  From facebook auctions to rescue dog shows and everything in between, these folks are long on imagination and short on settling for second best!
While these are all ( in Marthaspeak) Very Good Things, the real reason lies in their respect for life.  Once a dog comes into their care, treatable and savable are never defined by a dollar sign.
When The Mighty Quinn needed extraordinary measures to undo the effect of such extreme neglect, the kind hearts at ASDR rolled up their fundraising sleeves and pulled out all the stops.
When The Group of Seven needed a safe berth, they were brought under the loving ASDR umbrella in spite of their obvious need for immediate dental work.
When Jamie was knocking on heaven’s door at the (then) Cape Breton SPCA, nobody got out a calculator to tally up the training costs needed to offset such a rough start!
Just before New Years, a six year old little Shih Tzu was surrendered to ASDR because his humans were getting divorced.   Life hadn’t been kind to Buddy and noone at ASDR believed he had ever been to a vet.   Years of untreated dry eye had ruined his vision and the poor little fellow was looking old before his time 😦
This morning, Buddy was taken into the vet by his foster Mum.  After years of neglect, they had to put together an action plan to give Buddy a chance to become his best self.
Besides being neutered, badly overdue dental work will be needed to alleviate the pain in Buddy’s poor little mouth.   Even worse, the vet believes the eyes to be perforated and that they are at real risk of rupturing if they are not removed.
Worst of all, the little man now has ‘black goo’ in his stools and so fecal tests and blood work will be followed by heaven knows what else.
The way I see it, being dumped by his divorcing humans is already the best thing that ever happened to Buddy.   Somehow I suspect Buddy would have met the short end of the long needle if those people had been faced with the possibility of a thousand dollar vet bill, eh?
If you and your kind heart are able to help ASDR meet this utterly unanticipated vet bill, please click here.
Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth. Mohammed Ali
And that is how I see it on Tuesday, January 10th …. the FIFTY – FIFTH day since the dismissed shelter manager and the disbanded board created the renegade shelter

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