A great way to make a life!

I love making turkey pot pie!    Old school … bubbling in the oven with a beautiful biscuit topping!  
Unlike some professionals, I have never turned my nose up at the homegrown classics that top the charts for comfort foods.   Does that mean that I do not find new and funky ways to fiddle with food anymore?   Of course not!
In the bigger scheme of things, it takes a bit of balance to achieve any goal.   Without the sustained campaigns of animal advocates, pet stores chains would never have decided to stop selling and puppies and kittens, eh?   It took years of protesting to educate the public about puppy mills before there was enough economic impact to for pet store chains to consider changing their corporate policy.
Happily, sometimes solutions can be simpler than that!   Last year, a few kind hearts in the Nova Scotia animal loving community had an Ah Ha moment.   A beautiful lost Bernese Dog named Annie had been successfully reunited with her owners after a snowballing series of ‘shares’ on Facebook helped get her tale out in the public eye.
This success inspired them to form The Nova Scotia Lost Dog Network!    What a wonderful simple idea!   Someone loses or finds a dog … and a couple of  hardworking volunteer hearts post the listing so that it can be shared with the over four thousand folks who have ‘liked’ their facebook page!
Yesterday, I actually lost count of how many lost dogs I was ‘sharing’ after the New Years Eve fireworks frightened them into flight!  Already, most of them have been successfully reunited with their owners …. ‘safe n sound’ in NSLDNspeak 🙂
The more successful that NSLDN becomes, the busier it gets!    In plain english, this means that if anyone was looking for a meaningful way to help the animals, this could just be the perfect fit.
In this past year, NSLDN has been directly responsible for reuniting hundreds of lost dogs with the people who already know and love them.   Every one of those dogs could easily have been mislabelled a stray, were it not for the hard work of NSLDN.
What does this mean in realspeak?  Why of course that the Nova Scotia Lost Dog Network has kept hundreds of rescue slots open for dogs that actually were homeless!   That hundreds of dogs who may have met with Unhappy Tails when their ‘time was up’ with AC are instead happily ‘saf n sound’, back home with their families!  
And …. that all the kind hearts who might have kept that “stray” who wandered in the yard are still available to adopt a dog who actually is homeless!
NSLDN is currently trying to recruit a couple of admins to help with their work.   You don’t have to get dressed up.   You don’t need to go out in the winter weather.  Sheesh … one could easily do this work in flannel pj’s and bunny slippers!
All you need is your own computer and the commitment to carry out the work!
What time is it?  It is time for everyone to put on their thinking caps to find out if this would a good fit for any of their friends!
We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. Winston Churchill
And that is how I see it on Monday, January 2nd …. the FORTY – SEVENTH day since the dismissed shelter manager and the disbanded board created the renegade shelter.

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