HART is having an Adoption event on Saturday!

It is no secret that I am a big fan of offsite adoption events!    They do double duty by promoting the individual animals AND getting animal rescue out in the public eye! 
It is just frosting on the cake that every altered pet adopted from a reputable rescue also becomes part of the solution instead of adding to the cat overpopulation problem!  
And .. it is just sugar on the top that each one of the adorable adoptables is also an ambassador sharing the good word about pet adoption to all the adopter’s family, friends, neighbours and coworkers!
One of the nicest things that has happened during this Year of the Cat is that there have been more opportunities for offsite cat adoption events at the pet stores that have stopped selling puppies and kittens!
This Saturday, December 17th,  HART will be holding a Kitten Adoption Event!  What great timing to be in the the public eye this time of year!   
I have it on good authority that it may even be possible for prepared kind hearts to bring home their adorable new adoptable the same day!  I would expect that anyone hoping to adopt that day would be best served by bringing their references and, if applicable, a letter from their landlord.
What time is it?  It is always time to applaud those who are willing to go the extra mile for their adoptables by ‘taking it to the street’
PS … not interested in adopting at this time?   Why not see if tickets are still available for the 25 pounds of live lobster to be drawn on Saturday evening?  Tickets are $2 each or three for $5 !   What a great gift that would be!

And this is how I see it on Thursday, December 15th … the TWENTY – NINTH day since the dismissed shelter manager and the disbanded board created the renegade shelter.

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