How SHAID is helping its senior kittizens go Home for the Holidays

I love my little ‘undercat’ …. my mighty little Miss Morgan!   Now that Dora has grown into her three year old self, it is clear that Morgan is still going to be the most petite pussycat here!
Does that mean Morgan is a little wallflower?  That the other cats can boss her around?   Not in the slightest!   My dainty little miss is the unquestioned Queen Bee and even the big boys hop when she demands.
She will always have a little hitch to her gait after having been hurt in her youth … but that has never slowed her down yet!    In my books, it is just one of those unique endearing little bits that only adds to her charm!
At the time she was rescued, Morgan was very lucky to have come under the loving umbrella of SHAID.   ( Before the keyboards catch on fire … no I am not going to go on like a stuck record about the Story of Morgan 🙂  Suffice it to say that she is one of a long line of good cats who have had a paw up from the kind hearts at SHAID.
Once again, SHAID is having it’s annual Holiday Adoption Special.  What a great holiday tradition!   Every year, SHAID underwrites part of the adoption fee for the senior and long term resident cats in their care!   The adoption fee for senior kittizens is reduced to $75.00!   Kind hearts who adopt a long term resident kitty only have a very modest fee of $99.00!
There is no downside to this!   So far, eight good cats have already gone “home for the holidays”!     Even better, SHAID has shifted its hours around a bit to make it easier for kind hearts to visit the shelter!
Best of all of course is that every adoption really saves two lives.   For every cat that gets to blossom into his or her best self in a real home,  another good cat in need will be able to find safe sanctuary at the shelter
PS … for those who have their heart set on a kitten, SHAID still has their special $99.00 adoption fee for kittens until December 18th!    What a wonderful way to help get these youngsters into loving homes instead of growing up in the shelter!

Maybe today will be our lucky day!

A home without a cat is just a house
And that is how I see it, on Tuesday, December 13th …. the TWENTY  – SEVENTH day since the dismissed shelter manager and the disbanded board created the renegade shelter

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