A Purrfect Holiday Special

I love blueberry tea on a blustery day like this!   With a good cozy fire and all five of my good cats sprawled on my desk … would there be any better way to drive off this morning’s damp chill?
Cats really are such social creatures that I really do feel sorry for any only cat that misses out on the pleasures of having the company of his or her own kind.   
Toys never lose their play value!  Someone is always available to wash hard to reach spots !   Even better … for a writer at least … one cat can be a distraction while five can amuse themselves when I am busy.   Best of all of course is that one always feels welcome when the room starts purring everytime one walks in 🙂 
If you have been thinking of adopting a kitty, you might be very interested to know that TAPA is having a Holiday Adoption Special.   (Scroll down for pics and links to their bios ) Their adoption fees for individual cats and kittens have been reduced to $125.  Even better, if you are looking for two pals to keep each other company, the adoption fees are only $100 for each kitty.
TAPA’s kitties are all vetted and spayed or neutered!   Even better, the adoption fee includes a free vet exam within 24 hours.  Best of all,  every new pal comes with six weeks of free pet insurance!
What time is it?  At this time of year, when it is getting cold enough that the strays are desperate for safe harbour, it is time to remember that every cat and kitten that is adopted frees up a rescue slot to save someone else!
One cat just leads to another.     Ernest HemingwayAnd that is how I see it on Thursday, December 8th ….. the TWENTY – SECOND day since the dismissed shelter manager and the disbanded board created the renegade shelter.
Midnight and Patches (a special pair with a very special adoption fee)

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