Update on the Northern Dogs who came to Nova Scotia

What an absolutely perfect fall morning!   Blue sky and sunshine … without even a wisp of tomorrows weather in the sky!   There would be no need to check the forecast  From smallest squirrel to the highest harrier hawks …. all the wild things seem to sense the storms approach and are readying to settle in and wait it out!
Here in beautiful Nova Scotia, there are a few lucky dogs who are going to be experiencing the novelty of NOT having to hunker down and survive the storm.   I am of course referring to the Anishnabe dogs that came back with DART NS to East Coast German Shepherd Rescue
They will all be safe and warm … although as a sidebar note to that … East Coast German Shepherd Rescue’s pup still runneth over and they are still looking for a few kind hearts to foster 🙂
On Sunday, ECGSR held its monthly dog walk and happily had the best turn out ever!   Personally I think that is such a clever idea …. for a very modest fee, dog lovers can come out for a nice walk on the Salt Marsh Trail!  It is really just frosting on the cake that interested kind hearts have the opportunity to meet the adorable adoptables in furson!
( PS for more information … and pics … about all the beautiful dogs in the care of ECGSR, please go to their facebook page and their website! )
What time is it? It is always time to remember that rescued dogs have more love than anyone can possibly imagine for those who open their homes and their hearts to offer them a better life!

A few of the adorable adoptables !

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