How to get a head start on the holidays .. and help the kitties!

What a beautiful balmy morning!   To be perfectly honest, the only reason I needed my jacket and hat was of course that we are still knee deep in deer hunting season!
I am not one of these folks who jumps the gun with holiday decorating… but neither am I a fan of freezing my fingers and climbing up icy ladders.   What does that mean?  Why of course that this afternoon, I will definitely ‘seize the day’ and hang my holiday lights.
After all, I don’t have to plug them in yet, eh?    The kids are coming home for the holidays this year so I can happily spend the chilly days baking up a storm for the freezer 🙂
Company or not .. it is the fun of pulling out all the stops that is always the best bit about the holidays, hmmm?
Anyone getting ready for the holidays in the city has an excellent opportunity this Saturday ( Nov 19th) at the Meow Mixer Christmas to get a head start AND help the kitties!  
There will be twelve animal welfare groups selling 100’s of items;  Xmas gifts, decorations, crafts and cards, baked goods, quilting & upholstery material, jewellery and animal toys – loads of things just in time for Xmas.
Even better, there will be adorable, adoptable cats and kittens on display.
This wonderful endeavour is the brainchild of Nancy Northcut of Second Chance Charity.  The last Meow Mixer was a real success on several levels.  Not only were much needed funds raised, there were several cat adoptions as a result!   Even better … the last Meow Mixer provided the opportunity to promote cat rescue for those who had no idea how many kind hearts are helping the cats!
Best of all of course is that all the proceeds of this event go to the kitties.  Nothing is lost to administration and advertising.   None of the kind hearts involved actually get paid for their work.  
It is all for the love of the kitties!   Really .. is there anything more in keeping with the spirit of the season than that?

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