Urgent …. fosters needed ASAP for northerm Quebec dogs coming to NS!

From the Animal Rescue Corps website : 
A Humane Solution For More Than 200 Roaming Dogs In Native Community In Québec

Lac Simon, Québec – Animal Rescue Corps (ARC) collected more than 200 roaming dogs this past weekend from a First Nation community about six hours north of Montréal and operated a free sterilization clinic for residents’ animals at the request of the Conseil de la Nation Anishnabe de Lac Simon.

Roaming dogs of Lac Simon.
The Lac Simon community has had a large population of roaming dogs for more than 30 years and the traditional method of addressing the issue was through “culls” or “roundups”, during which animals were captured then put to death by means of gassing or shooting.
“We are honored to offer Lac Simon a humane and lasting solution to their roaming dog issue at no cost to their community,” said ARC President Scotlund Haisley. “This is an unprecedented project for this community and we hope it serves as a model for others.”
Lac Simon residents came in droves with their dogs and cats to participate in the spay/neuter clinic. Veterinarians from the Clinique Vétérinaire du Vieux Village worked over the weekend to sterilize more than 160 animals. ARC is still in Lac Simon collecting the last of the roaming dogs, who range from small terriers to medium huskies to large Shepherd mixes. Two extra large dogs, a St. Bernard and a Great Dane, were found in particularly bad shape, both malnourished and lethargic, but still trusting and ready to start down their road to recovery.

“We are grateful for this collaboration with Animal Rescue Corps,” said Lac Simon Director of Housing Terry Babin. “It will have a lasting, beneficial impact on both the people and the animals of our community.”
On Tuesday the 8th ARC will transport the unclaimed dogs and five surrendered cats to a temporary shelter ARC set up about nine hours south of Lac Simon at the Brome Lake Fairgrounds. Each dog will receive a veterinary exam, appropriate vaccinations and any necessary immediate medical treatment. Daily care will be provided until the dogs are placed with and can be transported to partner shelters and rescue groups in Canada and the U.S.
Animal Rescue Corps performed this rescue in conjunction with: Ady Gil World Conservation, American Dog Rescue, The Arthur E. Benjamin Foundation, Robin Sugg, Cathy Kangas, Margaret Marshall and DART Nova Scotia. The International Fund for Animal Welfare donated much-needed medical supplies to make this operation possible.
Anyone wishing to donate or volunteer to support the rescue efforts should visit http://www.animalrescuecorps.org/ways-to-help or email info@animalrescuecorps.org. For more information about Animal Rescue Corps, please visit www.animalrescuecorps.org.
What an incredible story!  What a huge effort!   What an incredible difference this will make for the residents of Lac Simon!
So what is going to happen to the unclaimed dogs?   Well …. as it happens … some of them will be coming to Nova Scotia!   When the kind hearts from DART NS return home, they will be bringing several dogs (see pics below) to East Coast German Shepherd Rescue.
Because the need is so great, it is possible there may be a couple more lucky ‘hitchhikers’ before the DART volunteers load up to come home!   In that case, I’ll post an update here:)
Dogs really are miracles on four paws.  When we humans have a hard life, we carry the scars with us forever.  
To see Miss Ruby now, the casual observer could never imagine there was a time that she was a ‘reservation dog’ so starved it took weeks and weeks of being fed before she could be safely spayed!
Anyone meeting Henry for the first time would be surprised to learn he had a hard knock life before being rescued either!
In other words …. dogs really are like (almost) instant miracles.  All you have to do is add a little love and some security!
How can you help?    Gosh …

  • by adopting one of the lovely dogs that ECGSR already have in care.  Why would this help?  It would of course open up a foster slot for the ‘new kids’ coming in!   I know I shouldn’t play favourites, but I have a special affection for the foster based rescues who are able to tell potential adopters how the dogs actually do in real life situations.
  • And of course, adopting any of the lovelies pictured below would of course be incredibly helpful.  They are all vetted and according to the above article, altered as well.  
  • Not ready or able to adopt?   Why not foster one of these good dogs?  Foster pawrents are the angels who always make a lifesaving difference!
  • No room at the inn?   No time to adopt or foster?  Why not sponsor one of these good dogs?
  • Want to have a little fun and help?  On Sat, Nov 26th, why not go to Pictures with Santa Paws at Pet Valu in Dartmouth to support the wonderful work being done by ECGSR?
  • Don’t need a pic?   Next Sunday, Nov 20th, ECGSR is holding its Monthly Dog Walk at 11 am at the Salt Marsh Trail!

What time is it?   It is always time to applaud such an enormous undertaking!   And it is always, always time to find a way to help!
One of the deep secrets of life is that all that is really worth the doing is what we do for others. Lewis Carroll

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