In search of someone to be silly with

If the lovely old office chair at my desk could talk, I am sure it would have a tale or two to tell.   It is so well worn and well made and was already well aged when my Dad bought it thirty five years ago.
Sadly, last night a bolt broke and my beautiful chair won’t be safe to sit on until it is fixed.   Does that mean it will be relegated to roadside pickup?  Not on your life!   My best friend is a machinist by trade with welding gear at home … and has already promised to fix it this weekend.
This month we have been hanging around together for twenty years!  As a former Air Force brat who spent a career in the Army herself, I still savour the novelty of having friendships that last longer than the next posting.
To paraphrase the Fab Four, we all get by a little better with a little help from our friends!
Gandalf and Frodo are available for adoption from JCCARE ( Japanese Chin Care and Rescue Effort )   They depend on each other and happily the kind folks with JCCARE are determined to find them a home with enough heart for them both šŸ™‚
It is beyond my imagining that these two little cuties lived outside before they were rescued !   Why has that been a problem?   Sadly, in a world where TV has led folks to believe that anything can be fixed in an hour, not being housetrained has been a bigger handicap than needing to be adopted out together.
Nor does it help that these little pals both have grade two heart murmurs.   What a shame that should stop the uninitiated in their tracks as a grade two murmur isn’t anywhere near needing medication:(    Gosh, McG had a heart murmur for years before it reached the place where meds were needed.  McG and his heart murmur hiked every day, terrorized a succession of groomers and won every wrestling match with his Rotti best friend!
Their foster Mum has made great strides with these little lads and their training.   Although they are being fostered in a multi dog house ( yes … these are the little chins in the latest pics on More on the Mighty Quinn :), their foster Mum believes they will be happiest if they can be the ‘stars of the show’.
Gandalf and Frodo are part of the JCCARE Old Friends Program and as such will have a reduced adoption fee.   If you are interested in welcoming this marvelous pair of friends into your heart and your home, JCCARE has an online application that can be filled out on their site.
What time is it?  It is time for everyone to put their thinking caps on to try to help this lovely pair of old friends become the apple of somebody’s eye!
Most of us don’t need a psychiatric therapist as much as a friend to be silly with. Robert Brault 

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