The LA Shelter is holding An Adult Cat Adoptathon!!!!

Once upon a time, in a galaxy not all that far away …. before the Society started down the path to No Kill …. little shelters and rescue groups around the province had already embraced the idea 🙂  
I have always had a special affection for the kind hearts at the little LA Shelter in Amherst.    They are unfailingly courteous and have always ‘kept the faith’ no matter how many dogs are found tied to the tree out front in the morning!
I have never once heard them whining about being a bit off the beaten path … or using the down turn in the local economy as an excuse for anything! 
They were the first to embrace the idea that reducing the adoption fees for adult cats could help get them adopted.    All the online tools at their disposal are put to good use so that visitors to their site or social networking spots are able to find current information well in advance of events.
Last year, a friend of mine adopted a lovely little dog from the LA Shelter, and has told me that they were absolutely lovely people to deal with.
So it no surprise to see them holding a Special Adoption Event for the Adult Cats at their shelter this weekend.  On Nov 4th and 5th, there will be a Feline Fall Connection Adoption Event! (see poster below)  
Wow!!!  For a paltry $25.00 adoption fee, one can bring home a lifetime of love that is already vetted and spayed or neutered!   (scroll down for a slideshow of the adorable adoptable adult cats available 🙂 
To be perfectly honest, some of those cutie pies are barely past the first flush of kittenhood themselves!   When well cared for kitties can often have twenty years of love and devotion to offer, where else could one hope to find so much love for such a bargain?
Please note that Adopters are required to bring:
  • Cat carrier.
  • 1 reference with vet check
  • or 2 references without vet record, ID and proof of residence & landlord number if applicable.
Why?   Because the shelter’s goal is to be able to send the cats home the same day!
What time is it?  While admittedly, it is a teeny bit ironic that a click of your mouse could help a good cat in need, it is time to spread the good word about this wonderful event!   Who knows what wonderful things could come of it? 


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