Urgent …. new home needed ASAP for two sweet senior kittizens

I have my own theory of relativity …. that we don’t need to be able to move at the speed of light to understand that time really is relative.   Ten minutes ago we were all so unwilling to trust anyone over thirty!   Now I’m freewheeling through my fifties faster than Miss Ruby can fly across the yard in hot pursuit of the evil sqwirrels!
When Kitty Bear was twelve, she was still policing her yard and sending any interloper of any size packing in seconds flat.    She was still dragging home dead rabbits from the swamp and luring coyotes out onto thin ice just for the sport of it.
By our best estimate, Kitty Bear was at least sixteen before she finally consented to become an indoor only cat.   So from my perspective, that is when I started to think of her as senior.  Not eight.  Not ten.  And certainly not even twelve!
It has been months since twelve year old Patches and Midnight lost their lifetime human companion to illness.  They were well cared for all their lives and were rescued from an Untimely Unhappy Tail by TAPA
Unfortunately, they are now in desperate need of a new place place to hang their hat.   Not everyone is able to foster forever and TAPA now needs either a new foster home or someone with enough heart to adopt this wonderful pair of cats!
Anyone adopting a twelve year old cat can reasonably look forward to years of love and loyalty, eh?    Even better when one has the opportunity to adopt a pair of good pals who will help each other settle in !   Best of all, they will be good company for each other when the humans in the house are engaged in the busy game of life!
What time is it?  It is time for everyone to put their thinking caps on to help TAPA find a safe berth for these sweet senior kittizens.
“Embrace the love without the sleepless nights … adopt a senior pet!”

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