Something to be thankful for …..

It was such a cold damp night that if we had woken up to snow, I would not have been one bit surprised!   Does that mean I was smart enough to wear one of my many pairs of mittens when we went to the woods?
Of course not!   Which made it all the more lovely to put on a cozy fire when we came back home.   Even better, there is a fresh batch of Oatmeal Chicken Crisps on the counter, so the house smells like roasted chicken.  
Best of all there is a fresh batch of dog food brewing on the stove!   I originally started making the food for Andy as he only had two teeth … and every soft senior food out there seemed to do double duty for weight control.  The last thing my littlest hobo needed was weight control, eh?
In the interest of domestic harmony, everyone got the new food and it didn’t take me long to realize that they were all reaping the benefit of it!     The big dogs have wonderful checkups and my vet swears that the food is responsible for their health and well being.
Its really rather frosting on the cake that the home made food and treats give me more peace of mind.     After all, if it is healthier for me not to eat a whole lot of processed food, why would it be any different for my pets?
If you are interested in exploring this further for yourself, this weekend there is a stellar opportunity to do so!    After months of planning and work, the First Annual Nova Scotia Integrative Pet Health Expo is finally here! 
And that is something we can all be thankful for!!!

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