What a golden opportunity !!!!

I love living in a multi dog household!  What’s not to love?   Like the marines, no dog ever has to be left behind when another has to go to the vets or the groomers!    Even better, I find it easier to keep them in the habit of having good dog social skills.  Best of all of course is that after the rough patches they had before they were rescued, it is just really rewarding to see them having so much fun together!  
Lets face it … dogs do love the company of their own kind!   Does that mean that you can find your own bliss by adopting any two dogs from anywhere?  Of course not!  Like us, it takes time for dogs to form relationships!  Nor will every dog be suited to another!
To be perfectly honest, it can sometimes be a bit of work finding the right match and getting everyone off on the right paw.
The good news is that every now and then, there are opportunities to have all the joy without all the work!    Sometimes good friends are surrendered together.  Occasionally, dogs become pals while they are waiting in foster or at the shelter to be adopted.
And sometimes, just like people, they just suit each other from the first moment they meet!   Last night when I was doing site updates, I couldn’t help but notice what a golden opportunity is waiting for the lucky person wise enough to recognize it.
CAPS has just listed two beautiful dogs …. Barkis and Peggotty.   From the first moment they came into care, it was clear they were already good friends … so much so that the kind hearts at CAPS are hoping to find them a home together!
That’s not even the best bit of news!   CAPS has a permanent BOGO program in place!   When one adopts two pets, the second adoption fee is cut in half!  
Best of all, in this busy world where people have to go out of the house to work, shop or any of the myriad other reasons in the world, no dog would be left home alone!
What time is it?   It is time for everyone to put on their thinking caps ( no pun intended…lol ) and help these beautiful dogs find someone with enough heart to adopt them both!

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