The Fourth Annual Halifax Reptile Expo !!!

Like everything else in life, gardening gets a little easier with practice.   This isn’t my first dance, so waking up to an unanticipated frost poses less of a problem.   
Happily, I have learned (the hard way) that draining the water out of the garden hose each evening offers an extra bit of insurance …. seeing as its pretty darned difficult to spray the frost off the pumpkins if the water in the hose is frozen, eh?
Four years ago, the innovative folks at Ssafe Haven Society for Reptiles and Amphibians stepped out on a limb and started something new.  The fact that noone had ever thought to do such a thing before didn’t give them even a minutes pause.  
That was in 2008 and now the Halifax Reptile Expo is a much anticipated annual event that draws in both the interested and the curious.  
What a great place to take kids!   Setting aside the fact that children are fascinated by reptiles and amphibians,  it is a great way to educate them that responsible pet ownership and respect for life are not species specific.
What time is it?  It is time to mark your calendar for this Sunday, Sept 25th!

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