Urgent!!! Beautiful well behaved dog in need of a new foster or a great home!

I am a middle aged grandmother, not a twenty something triathlon trainee, so sometimes it can take me a little longer to tackle a big physical job.   To be perfectly honest though, I often forget my fifty seventh birthday is just around the corner until there are heavy jobs to tackle!
Such was the case with the stubborn overgrown Siberian Pea Shrub that took two hot afternoons to uproot and divide!     But … the job is done and now I have seven new shrubs temporarily parked in the garden that will become a lovely ornamental privacy screen once the darned baby barn is moved:)
Of course, I could likely get more done if I was willing to forego our morning hike … but in this house that would be a real non starter, eh?  
It certainly didn’t take Rascal long to embrace the joy of a morning hike!   To see his stubbly little legs trotting along beside me, the casual observer could never imagine he has not been doing so since he was a puppy.  
It really is such a shame that so many kind hearts underestimate senior dogs!    Sadly so often folks simply cannot imagine how much they still have to offer!    Rascal has embraced his inner river rat and loves rummaging around for frogs and small fish!
He is eager to go at the rattle of a leash …. always ready to head out to the play yard for some fun … and his little nose is as curious as the big dogs’.  Even better, being older and wiser, it took him less than a day to get a grasp of the home rules here!  Best of all,  his experience in foster really readied him for living in a multi pet household!
In other words … just like Andy … Rascal is a lovable little pal who settled in smoothly and quickly!
People who foster dogs for animal rescue usually have other things on their plate as well.   Families.  Commitments.   Jobs.   One of Atlantic Small Dog Rescue’s foster Mom’s has been unexpectedly called away for work, and so they are in urgent need of either a new foster or an adopter for the beautiful dog in her care!
Zena is more than just a very pretty face …  she is like a poster girl for all the best bits about senior pet adoption.   She is friendly and sociable …. well behaved and well accustomed to domestic bliss.  To be perfectly honest, if I hadn’t already given my heart to my own fab four, I wouldn’t hesitate to adopt her myself!
What time is it?  It is time for everyone to put their thinking caps on to see if they can help find a good foster … or even better .. a great furever home for this beautiful dog!

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