Look who was on Breakfast Television this morning !!!

Like the river that our trails wind along, we really never have the same hike twice.    Sometimes the changes are subtle … new scents to catch curious noses.   After a storm, fallen limbs and trees can both block the trail and open new opportunities.
And of course we change.  Miss Ruby and Henry are ever so much more confident now … which of course in realspeak means we all enjoy the experience more! ( The topic of how quickly adult rescued dogs can be trained is a separate subject though that has, and will again, deserve its own post, eh)
Casual observers seeing how well Rascal trots along at my side could never imagine that two months ago he was still living with his ASDR foster Mom.  And of course, Andy is still my heart .. but I now need to be his legs more often with the carrier.   
At the same time as we were getting ready to bring Rascal into my home and my heart, Atlantic Small Dog Rescue was pulling out all the stops to get ready for the First Annual Rescue Dog Show!   
It is great to see so many people promoting the show on facebook.  It was wonderful to see the article in Sunday’s Herald to help spread the word!
And now this morning, Heather and Sandra were on Breakfast Television with Molly and Winston!
What time is it?  It is time to mark your calendar so that in years to come, you can say you were there right at the start!

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